The Rebel Wick

My role at The Rebel Wick Collective was to teach the different techniques of Augusto Boal, such as invisible theater, image theater and forum theater; and to stage the theatrical presentations. Our troupe was formed after an intensive training in Theater of the Oppressed given by Julian Boal during his stay in Montreal. Our collective has since then given trainings, created performances and collaborated on multiple community initiatives. During trainings, The Rebel Wick Collective accompanied participants in the creation of a forum theater. In addition, we made a forum theater play about the various forms of oppression linked to paid work, an invisible theater in collaboration with Food not Bombs, an invisible theater about the lack of public spaces and a forum theater play for La Nuit des Sans-Abris, which was cocreated by the spectators gathered during the event. To learn more about the Theater of the Oppressed trainings, you can consult the page Trainings – Theater of the Oppressed.

To better understand Theater of the Oppressed, I recommend this video.