The Citizen Assemblies

The Citizen Assemblies (in the RCM of Les Basques) are created with the intention of a space for direct and non-partisan democracy. In a constructive and positive way, we want to give citizens the opportunity to express their views on the issues that affect them. This space for consultation and discussion is open to all those who have the heart to think and participate in social, cultural, environmental and economic development. At each meeting, the subject(s) discussed are the ones proposed and decided by the participants present. From these meetings, which take place 3 times a year (September, January and May), collective and unifying projects emerge. On November 20 th , 2019, we held the largest citizen assembly in the history of Trois-Pistoles with more than 250 people present. The population asked us for a citizen assembly to organize a mobilization concerning the Trois-Pistoles ferry, a major stake for the community!