Douce Orageuse (The Soft Storm)

Eco-anxiety, the planet and me.

I dare to speak to you and illustrate my sanity. I tell you what it feels like to be an activist and an artist during uncertain times. Times when we are constantly witnessing bad news; the destruction of the planet, waves of refugees, acts of intolerance and other angsts. How do we manage our feelings of hopelessness? What is the point of anger? Does the solution lie in ignorance of what surrounds us? Douce Orageuse is an ode to friendship. It is a creation that seeks connection, metamorphosis. Douce Orageuse is an exploration of me and of others. With limitless confidence, that I always allowed myself with you, I open myself sincerely. Guided by a need for understanding, I explore the broad and complicated notions that inhabit my life and inhabit the lives of my friends: the impact of climate change on our mental health. A play which is part puppetry, part dance and part forum theatre.

Directed by Alyssa Symons-Bélanger
Shadow Theater Design by Benjamin Robert
Interpretation by Alyssa Symons-Bélanger
and Benjamin Robert