Olé Oléoducs’ Cabaret

A fabulous multidisciplinary show where circus, humor, forum theater and music intermingle happily! The Olé Oléoducs’ Cabaret was born when a handful of activists and artists got angry at the arrival of the tar sands and the pipelines in Quebec. Throughout the summer and fall of 2013, the Cabaret toured across Quebec in municipalities that were directly affected by Enbridge’s Line 9. Through Forum Theater, we wanted to create a public debate where everyone was welcomed to share and propose solutions! We presented The Olé Oléoducs’ Cabaret in 13 communities that basically offered us the same solutions; create a greater balance of power by organizing citizen mobilization and linking the various citizens committees together. Since the concept of Theater of the Oppressed is  once the show is over, the fight begins”, we went on to create the People’s Walk for Mother Earth 2014 to act on the solutions proposed by the hundreds of concerned citizens that saw our cabaret.