Le Périscope des Basques

Herbalist workshops

Every month, I run herbalism workshops for Le Périscope des Basques members. These workshops are open to the public and encourage the creation of links between those interested in this subject and the members of the organization. Every month, we explore in depth a medicinal plant that grows locally. The first part of the workshop is theoretical: botanical description, plant history, culinary, cosmetic and medicinal uses. The second part is a course on plant transformation and wild harvesting. These workshops also explore the themes
of preventive health, food and respect for the environment.

Puppet making

The mission of Le Périscope des Basques is to improve the quality of life of people living with a mental health problem through cooperation, prevention, education and promotion. The idea behind the project was to create innovative communication tools for social workers when they are in individual meetings with members. It was at the request of the organization that I facilitated puppet making workshops with members of Le Périscope des Basques. All stages of development and creation were carried out by the members. One puppet is for positive emotions and one puppet is for negative emotions. The members of the organization have created an important intervention tool for Le Périscope des Basques. I see in this project a superb work of solidarity!