“Alyssa is a good, exceptional, generous person who has been involved in the community for a long time. Her leadership and dedication inspired all the people who had the opportunity to work with her. I highly recommend her to any employer who is looking for someone who is professional and good at interpersonal skills.”
Patrick Bonin
Climate and Energy Campaigner, Greenpeace
“Mobilijeunes emphasizes cultural and social identity in order to allow young people from multiple backgrounds to come together around common values of humanism and solidarity. Alyssa’s collaboration as an animator and organizer contributed to the success of our interventions in several secondary schools and made it possible to offer a voice to young people. In our opinion, society would greatly benefit in allowing Alyssa to develop her full potential to play the role of liaison between the excluded and the privileged.”
Mayda Mekerian
Director of the theatre company Mise au Jeu
“In one year, the participants have produced a traveling exhibition celebrating those involved in the Verdun district for more social justice, mounted a forum theater play which circulated to various community actors in the regional district, and also produced a video to denounce the prejudices about social housing and poverty. That video that turned out to be viral! Applied and conscientious, Alyssa was respectful of the rhythm of the group throughout the process and always extremely inventive in order to adapt to our needs. Through her artistic expertise and her enthusiasm, she has created an extremely positive dynamic, the effects of which will be felt for a long time within our organization. The participants of the workshop are proud of their achievements, and now constitute a unified group which carries out the demands of housing rights. They use art and their creativity to fully play their role as citizens, not only at the district level, but also at a provincial level, by speaking out in various public consultation spaces. At the organizational level, the work carried out by Alyssa has enabled us to create a real living environment, allowing us to offer spaces for discussion and mobilization more suited to the isolated people who come to us. Our popular education approach has been incredibly strengthened.”
Marie Leray
social worker (CACV)
“Alyssa is a person who deserves to be discovered.”
Damien Talbot
participant at the arts program at l'éveil des basques
"We wish to express our gratitude for Alyssa's involvement within the organization. Her contribution is an important support for the accomplishment of our mission."
Pierre Duguay
President, Périscope des Basques
"Alyssa is an excellent facilitator and coordinator of art projects and social and personal transformation. Gifted in her sensitivity to group dynamics, she can accompany and guide multi-disciplinary projects and collective approaches, while remaining attentive to each person's needs. Alyssa is a recognized leader in the community and a valued collaborator for many years in theater and environmental engagement projects. If you are looking for a creative, responsible and determined person to pilot or advise your projects, I wish you the pleasure of working with her!"
Aurore Fauret
Organizer of environmental campaigns