Gloria the Witch

The Samhain Performance is the first in a series of performances that mixes theater, dance and rituals. Gloria is the woman who exists in me before the witch hunt. She is completely rooted. She is forest. Every night in her living room, she dances to free herself. Now, Gloria dares to perform so that she can celebrate what has been forgotten.

Performance for the Samhain

Faced with the reign of rationality that brought us capitalism and climate change, the witches come out of their hiding places and scream at the moon We are still alive, and we are healing!Gloria the Witch will transport you to a world of magic and mysticism. Samhain was the pagan festivity that became Halloween. In the pagan tradition, people marked a transition of the passage of autumn to winter. In those times, it was crucial to celebrate life when nature completes the circle towards death. People took the time during the Samhain to celebrate those who were no longer with them. It was believed that the veil that separates the living from the dead was at its thinnest and during these ceremonies, people spoke to the deceased. With the Samhain’s Performance, Gloria invites the public to commemorate those we miss so that we can love them again, together.