Arts Facilitation with L’Éveil des Basques

The mission of L’Éveil des Basques is to enable people with disabilities to lead an active life and to respect their right to work, to education, to transportation, to recreation and to accessibility. The Multi-Arts program was designed by art therapist Marie-France Pelletier with the objectiveof offering arts workshops to promote the well-being and personal fulfillment of the members of the organization. Having no training in art therapy, following the steps of Marie-France was a great new experience for me and I learned a lot from the participants. I was lucky to be able to try out unexplored artistic exercises which added fresh approaches to my profession. I always love the challenge in facilitating workshops because I’m passionate about finding the best exercises that apply to the needs of the participants and that will generate a deep enthusiasm for art. I enjoyed exploring art therapy with the groups of L’Éveil des Basques through the mediums of
visual art, theatrical improvisation and dance.